Sea Ports Goa

This harbour is located near the city of Vasco. Mormugao is 370km from Mumbai and 300km from New Mangalore ports. It is one of the oldest ports on the western coast of India. Besides operating cruises for tourists, it handles mineral ore, petroleum, coal and international containers. This beautiful natural harbour has been serving the nation since it was commissioned in 1888, comprising just three berths.

The Mormugao Port in Goa has grown in the growth of tourism and shipping. Mining has added to its business. Mormugao is now one of India’s 10 major ports. Iron ore and cashew are two of its largest exports. The Mormugao harbour is protected from the South West Monsoon as is on the leeward side of Mormugao Headland.

Although a minor port, Panaji plays a crucial role in the shipment of various goods into and out of India. It is a natural harbour. Panaji is also the capital city of Goa. The city of Panaji stands on the left bank of Mandovi River.

Vessels carrying large loads of iron ore can dock here. Panaji is also a port where cruise ships dock and operate from. Marshes, beaches, churches, hills and a fort nearby make the city a tourists’ paradise.

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