Scuba Diving Cruise Goa

Scuba diving gives beach tourism in Goa a major boost. Diving trips are arranged by various travel agencies and adventure companies. There are a couple of PADI-recognised ones as well as up and coming ones, too. They provide the crew, diving equipment, boat and accessories for clients. A number of diving and snorkeling classes are held by trained experts. November to April is the best time for diving in Goa.

Abundance of fish, sea life and hard corals make recreational diving a fabulous experience. Snappers, Sweetlips, Barracuda, Damsels, Sweepers, Tuna, Stone fish, Lionfish and Groupers are fish that are commonly found in the waters off Goa. There are varieties of turtles, lobsters and other marine life such as sea cucumbers, nudibranches and ferns. Table corals, sea whip corals, Gorgonian fans, Staghorn corals and brain corals are the types that are found in Goa.

As Goa was a major trade centre in the ancient days, many merchant ships laden with goods used to dock at the port. Subsequently, some have sunk or wrecked off the coast, too. This has led to over 600 shipwreck sites in Goa. Suzy’s Wreck is a 30-metre-long WWII wreck lying at a maximum depth of 12m. You can find plenty of fish, eels and other marine life here. This is an ideal dive site for experienced and amateur divers.

Davy Jones Locker is a ruined wreck, but still good enough for an exploration. At 14m below the sea, there’s much you can look around! Here, only experienced divers are allowed due to the strong currents. Other popular dive sites are Sail Rock, Bounty Bay, Turbo Tunnel, The Jetty, Shelter Cove and Uma Guma Reef.

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