Places to See Goa

San Jacinto Island
About five km from Bogmalo and the beach, is a small island called San Jacinto Island. It stands inside the Mormugao bay. The island has many old houses, bungalows and a beautiful chapel. The chapel is believed to have an underground tunnel to the other side of the river to Siridao. The St Hyacinthi Church on the island celebrates its feast on the last Sunday of September.

A little further away is the Issorcim beach. Some people go for fishing here. It is a great place for diving as well. There’s an old Portuguese lighthouse on the island. The people haven’t sold most of the property on the island so it has retained its charisma.

On the road towards Vasco from Sao Jacinto Island is a tiny islet with a crucifix on it. It is called San Antonio. It’s a nice place to go for a walk.

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