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It’s true that fish curry and rice is the Goan staple. Fish is fried, braised, curried, smoked, baked and eaten in almost all forms of its cooking. But there’s more to Goan cuisine than just that. The spicy cooking flavours come from the years of Muslim and Hindu rules. Whether it’s in the non-veg dishes or the dal.

The Portuguese have lent their flavours to Goan cuisine in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish certain Indo-Portuguese dishes from the original ones. They took the locally available meat – pork – and made delicious preparations with it. the Pork Vindaloo is the main attraction. They also made much use of seafood. Prawns, lobsters, crabs, ladyfish, mussels, pomfrets, clams and oysters are tastily prepared. Seafood is also pickled and preserved.

Christians and Hindus here have their own unique way of cooking, some blending both. This adds to the exotic taste of Goan cuisine. Delicacies such as the prawn balchão and sorpotel are famous all over the world. Some dishes require heavy doses of coconut – oil, flakes, milk and powder forms.

Some of the tastiest Goan dishes are prepared in beach tents and shack restaurants. Toddy accompanies some of the dishes very well. Wine is also used as accompaniment in some of the Portuguese dishes.

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